Pricing & Rates

Price List Overview

Rates cover attendance, post-production, the supply of finished images via electronic file transfer and one photographer.

Please note, larger groups or additional services may require two photographers and any events longer than four hours and meal per photographer is required.


I have photographed for TEDxSydney for five years, shot for Google, Salesforce, large telecom conferences, 25,000 strong events, small breakfast meetings et al. If you’d like to receive further images, please call or email and I’d be more than happy to send further visuals through. For interstate events, travel fees and accommodation will be added to the invoice. Give me call on +61424942026.


I have a studio, and I love using natural light. Let’s chat and get to the heart of what you need the images for, what look and feel you’re going for, and then we can determine where to shoot and how long we will need. Give me call on +61424942026.


I/we can travel. I’ve shot weddings in London, Bali, Sydney and Tasmania. For Wedding packages over 4 hours, one meal per photographer will need to be included. Travel fees are not included.

Where to now?

To get the price that suits you, please give us a call or send us an email, let us know your budget and we will do all we can to make sure you get the quality you are looking for, for the right price. If we are unable to help you, whether its a clash of dates or we are not in line with your budget we can assist you in sourcing another photographer.

All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions found here.

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