Head & Shoulder/ Portrait

The initial process is firstly to ascertain what it is you would like the images for? LinkedIn? Your new website? Your dating profile? Whatever the situation, we will find the right location.

We will go through a list of questions, then together we will come up with ideas on locations, what to wear, how to stand and of course key words that stand for the essence of you. In order to capture you in ‘your’ element, we need to get to know a little bit about you. Your wishes, wants, loves, joys … our clients go as far to say that we end up coaching them and they leave feeling more complete. Look at that, a full service agency!

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Would you like a headshot?
Let’s chat about what you need.

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  1. Jonathan Davies says:

    I used Captar to get some portraits done for my CV, work profile and Linkedin. Katie was amazing to work with. She took the time to ensure every little detail was right including my clothing choices, stance, background and lighting. The results were incredible! I keep getting comments about how great my photos look and that’s because of the skill and dedication Katie brought to the job. Thanks Katie!


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