About Captar Photo

“Katie, these photos are amazing, I’ve spent all morning trying to pick one or another, I can’t decide because they’re all so good!” Grant, LUX Group.

Featured by Snappr as one of Sydney’s top photographersCaptar Photo is a boutique photography agency.  We photograph food, faces, places, spaces and of course events. We produce timeless photographs for our clients, on budget, on time, every time. We seek to understand what you want, how you want it and we deliver it. Why? Because we are passionate and love what we do.

“My god Katie the photos are amazing. Thank you so much. You were both amazing and we could not have asked for more.” Tina, a recent Bride. 

That comment was emailed to me, after I sent the bride a link to view the images from her wedding. You see the thing is, I love what I do – so my passion for you and the output from my camera is all part of the love for what I do.

Katie Barget, Captar.Katie Barget

Hello! My name is Katie.  I live in Sydney, Australia, with my boyfriend (Richard) and my dog (Sibella). My background is marketing, strategic partnerships, natural health and real estate. I’m a people person through and through.

How did I get into photography?  When I was ten years old, my Dad bought me my  first ever Canon. I’m originally from London and grew up fascinated with the photographs I’d find in magazines. I’d pour through them, especially the interior magazines. I’ve always loved being creative and so when I started working I went into Advertising (as an Account Coordinator) and it soon became apparent I needed to be in Production, sourcing images especially. But hey, companies never like it when you say you don’t like your role, so I got made redundant. I chose that time to travel and ended up in Sydney – and haven’t left! That was nearly 15 years ago! My travel photos were pretty damm good, even though I was only using a compact camera. I realised I LOVED composition. I believe I totally honed my skill in those months travelling.

Track forward about 5 years and an ex bought himself a Canon 30D. We taught ourselves how to use it and would practice most weekends. More him than me to be honest! We landed our first paid wedding job in the first year and I haven’t looked back. That was in 2010. In 2013, Captar Photo was born. Captar is Spanish for Capture. Because from behind the lens all I want to do is Capture Life. Imprint magical moments to be treasured forever.

One thing that is really important to me is you. If you’re my client, you are my priority. I want to understand what you need, how you feel and then deliver my version of that through the lens back to you.

“Katie captured our wedding to perfection, she really understood what we wanted out of our wedding photos and made sure we got exactly the photos we wanted for amazing memories. 5 years later we are still looking through our photos on a regular basis. I would highly recommend Katie.”

Destination Weddings…

…are a ball, having done three in London over the last two years – as well as many other smaller jobs. I’ve also have been flown to Bali to photograph amazing spiritual retreats. Let me know where you are and if you’d like me to photograph your wedding let’s talk and see what we can arrange. I always believe anything is possible.

So where to from here?

I cover a lot. From Food to Weddings to Interiors to Family to Headshots to Lifestyle shoots … Give me a call, lets chat and see what I can do to assist you. I have a team I work with, so if you need more than one photographer just ask.

Katie & Captar Love x

Need a Photographer?

Captar Photo is an international agency. We have incredible photographers all over the world ready and waiting to help you. What do you need doing? From Weddings to Food, to Events, to Products, to Corporate Head Shots, to Product shoots, to immortalising your Family moments… Katie and her team cover just about everything.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Delaney says:

    Looks terrific Katie. Congratulations! Such great work.
    Peter Delaney

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Elliott says:

    Such a beautiful creative photographer with the best people skills, such a natural! Reach for the stars!!


  3. Julie Elliott says:

    A beautiful creative photographer with the best people skills, such a natural! I totally recommend Katie, you won’t be disappointed. Reach for the stars!!


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