Fashion shoot for a fashion blogger.

I’d never actually shot for a fashion blogger before, but I had in mind exactly what she wanted to achieve.

I asked her for three of her favourite bloggers whose style she loved and wanted to emulate. She picked the perfect urban-esque spot at Precinct 75, in Sydney’s Inner West.

I was mighty chuffed with the output and her text message was so lovely to receive, “I love them! You literally captured exactly what I wanted! I don’t know which ones to use!”

CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-3CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-13CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-20CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-26CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-33CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-39CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-47CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-62CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-70CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-77CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-81CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-89CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-94CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-103CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-118CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-123CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-136CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-146CaptarPhoto_Romy A_Precinct 75_05SEPT18-155

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