New website images for a healer/psychologist

I work with a website designer/brand creator and all-time brilliant creative called This Co Creative.

This is Shelia Fawns, her client. An absolute gem of a woman, pure heart, grounded and open – and what a laugh she has!

That’s what I love about doing what I do. I get to laugh with my clients, help them to feel at ease, get the outcome they’re looking for – and get paid to do what I love. Is there anything more to life?

Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-344Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-373Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-384Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-440Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-474Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-505Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-506Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-314Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-323Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-284Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-276-2Captar Photo_Ananda Maya_21JUL18-334

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