My first Indian Wedding … well, Indian Registry Wedding

I’d just stepped off a plane, when I received a call – could I shoot just a couple of hours for a gorgeous couple who were at a loose end and getting married the following week. Of course I can!

I was only there for an hour and a half, but I got to witness love in it’s truest form. Squished into a tiny room, and without much light – I trusted my nifty 50mm lens to enable me to boost the light as much as possible. Who would want a flash going off for their ceremony?! Not me, that’s for sure.

Here are some of the pics from the day …

CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-1CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-5CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-6CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-9CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-22CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-39CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-44CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-48CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-67CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-69CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-81CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-87CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-101CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-107CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-108CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-114CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-124CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-133CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-151CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-176CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-180CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-192CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-200CaptarPhoto_Kartika & Belal_22AUG18-221

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