Headshots, Group shots and some marketing images for their collateral.

Spiique are a newly formed, heavyweight consultancy firm. They laugh, they’re grounded and they make excellent clients – so I can only imagine how brilliant they are at what they do.

They came to me to get new headshots, a few varying group shots – all for their new website. And would I be able to shoot a few street scenes, and some key marketing images for them? Absolutely.

Here is the outcome…

CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-1CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-4CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-9CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-10CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-12CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-34CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-48CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-53CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-55CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-82CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-87CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-97CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-106CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-130CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-135CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-140CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-141CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-143CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-148CaptarPhoto_Spiique Headshots & Social_23AUG18-151

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