Headshots for a leading PR Firm in Sydney.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies hired me to do new headshots for their staff, and a group shot of course.

Some of their staff had never had a professional headshot taken and were a little uncertain of what to expect – and the result … very happy clients.

I really do love what I do.

CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-9CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-13CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-16CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-21CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-25CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-31CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-40CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-52CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-60CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-69CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-76CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-80CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-83CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-90CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-95CaptarPhoto_H&K_Headshots Colour_Pyrmont_23AUG18-103CaptarPhoto_H&K_Full Length & Group Shots_Pyrmont_23AUG18-23CaptarPhoto_H&K_Full Length & Group Shots_Pyrmont_23AUG18-24

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