Gorgeous Mosman family.

One of my clients from an earlier headshot shoot, who had never worked with me before, asked if I do family photos also – yeah I sure do!

So we arranged the time and I arrived at the most gorgeous house in Mosman – to a family of four boys who so didn’t want to have photos taken “oh mum, do we have to?!” Haha.

They were magnificent. All four of them. Heck, even their parents were great too 😉

CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-4CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-9CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-21CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-23CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-30CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-32CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-41 (Katie Barget's conflicted copy 2018-08-26)CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-46CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-62CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-64CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-66CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-69CaptarPhoto_Melissa W_Family_26AUG18-76

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