Who Are We?

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Captar Photo is an international boutique photography agency. Photographing faces, places, spaces and events and producing timeless photographs for our clients, on budget, on time, every time. We are passionate about you. We seek to understand what you want, how you want it and we deliver.

Our mission; to capture the essence, the feel and the emotion of a moment.

We can create a light controlled environment, for food, products, head shots et al … yet we LOVE getting out! Using natural light and the nearby elements as a backdrop is our favourite way to shoot. Whether in nature, by the sea, with the city as a backdrop, a wooden fence, a cafe, a re-purposed piece of wood… each adds contrast, colour and texture and adds to the essence of an image.

Owner & Principle Photographer

Katie Barget, Captar.Katie Barget, founder and principle photographer of Captar, is originally from London, England and now calls Australia home. She has had a camera in her hands since she was just ten years old, when her Dad gave her her first ever Canon. Loyal to a ‘T” she still works with Canon today.

Inspired to unmask the magic and beauty in each moment, Katie has the natural ability to build great rapport and ease her clients into a natural state of grace and strength. She will work with you to bring forward your inner truth.

Need a Photographer?

From Weddings to Food, to Events, to Products, to Corporate Head Shots, to Product shoots, to immortalising your Family moments… Katie and her team cover just about everything and if there is something she can’t help you with, she will put you in contact with someone incredible who can.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Delaney says:

    Looks terrific Katie. Congratulations! Such great work.
    Peter Delaney

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Elliott says:

    Such a beautiful creative photographer with the best people skills, such a natural! Reach for the stars!!


  3. Julie Elliott says:

    A beautiful creative photographer with the best people skills, such a natural! I totally recommend Katie, you won’t be disappointed. Reach for the stars!!


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